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What is the best advertising company in India?

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The ad industry has been struggling with rising costs, rising competition and changing customer expectations.

As part of the push to improve its efficiency, Google is launching a new ad campaign that aims to capture the consumer’s attention.

The campaign, titled ‘Ads for You’, is the first time that Google has ever partnered with an advertising company to reach India.

“The idea behind this campaign is that it’s an ad for you, so you will be able to read the ad and buy the product,” says Amit Kumar, VP of advertising at DSP Advertising.

“So the ad is very effective.

It’s a way of driving engagement and driving revenue.

We will be sharing the video and also the whole campaign.”

The ad will launch in India on April 3, which will be followed by a similar campaign in the US, UK and Australia.

“There are many ad campaigns in India, but none have had the scale of the campaign we have planned,” says Kumar.

“We’re going to build a campaign for you that will capture your attention.”

The campaign will run in a series of videos that will focus on the ad campaigns across all of the leading markets in the country.

The videos are expected to be shared online on April 12.

Google will also launch a campaign in India in partnership with the advertising giant AdWords.

The ad campaign will focus mainly on targeting the middle and lower-income segments.

“You can’t expect an ad campaign to be as successful as it is with the middle class, for instance,” says Kishore Goyal, head of global product management at DASP.

“But it will be very important to be targeting those who are lower income.

We’re going after people who are at the lower end of the income spectrum, and those segments are a really big audience for advertisers.”

The goal of the ad campaign is to make India a more appealing place to live.

“For those who want to live here, there is a lot of opportunities to live in the city, to be in a bigger place,” says Goyal.

“Our plan is to build an audience for our products and services.

We have the same product, but there is an opportunity to bring the value and value proposition.”

In addition to the ads, Google will release a mobile app for its ad services and also offer an offline version of the ads.

“With the digital transformation happening across India, there are lots of opportunities for advertisers to target the middle to lower- and middle-income customers,” says DSP.

“Advertisers are looking for new ways to reach consumers, especially in the emerging markets where they see a big need for targeting.”

DSP is one of the country’s largest advertising agencies, and its ad campaigns have earned them a reputation as one of India’s most efficient agencies.

It is currently one of several ad agencies in the Indian market.

“It’s the first one that has been able to create a very large number of videos on the mobile platform,” says Rajesh Shah, managing director of digital marketing at DSp.

“That’s one of its biggest strengths.

They have a really good understanding of the user experience and a lot to offer advertisers.”

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