New car ad campaign ‘not just for people driving’ – ad company says

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The launch of a new ad campaign featuring celebrity car ads was not just for car enthusiasts.

The brand has released a campaign that shows a range of vehicles, including the Toyota Camry, the Toyota Corolla, the Honda Fit and the Ford Escape, that have all featured in recent car commercials.

The campaign has been created by brand ad agency, Lamar Advertising and features the Toyota Echo, the Mazda 3 and the Honda CR-V.

Lamar Advertising is the same agency that produced the popular car ads featuring the likes of Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts and Justin Bieber, as well as the hit TV show, The Office.

Lambar Advertising said it had been commissioned to create the ad campaign in response to the “tremendous demand” for car ads in Australia.

“This is not just a vehicle ad, this is a campaign for people in all walks of life,” said Mr Mazzola.

“It’s about making the ads that are right for people, for everyone, and we’re here to do that.”

He said it was a “very good thing to have”.

“The cars are the ones that are driving, the ads are what you see and we think that’s a really good way to get to the right audience,” Mr Mizzola said.

The ad shows the Echo, a crossover, and the Corolla crossover, a compact crossover.

“In this ad, it’s the people driving,” he said.

“We wanted to put people in the driver’s seat, so we tried to get people to think about their vehicles.”

The people driving is very important, the cars are driving the message.

“Mr Mizzolas campaign features the Camry in the iconic ad image, as do a range other cars including the Mercedes-Benz GLA, Toyota Yaris, Volvo XC90 and Honda Odyssey.”

Lamar ad is the most authentic and authentic car ad, in the world,” he added.

The Lamar ad campaign, which launched today, also features a range the vehicles in which they are used, including a Range Rover Defender, Audi A8 and BMW X6.

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