When is an NFL ad worth $1 million?

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What is the average NFL advertising price?

Can you sell an ad for $1m?

The answer to all those questions is yes.

Advertisers paid $7.8 billion for 30 television spots in the 2016-17 season, according to Ad Age.

That’s about $2.4 billion more than the $1.9 billion that was paid for TV ads in the same period last year.

And according to research firm Kantar Media/CMAG, advertisers paid $10.5 billion for digital ads in 2016-19.

But for an ad to be worth more than $1 billion, the ad must have a clear, compelling and compelling story and be able to convince a large number of people to watch it.

The ad market has changed drastically over the past few years.

With the advent of smartphones, social media, video streaming and more, there’s more than ever been an opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers in a way that they couldn’t before.

The question is, which of those stories will work?

And the answer is, there is a big difference between good storytelling and great advertising.

The best story-telling comes from the combination of the right mix of technology and human interaction, according Mark Zukerberg, chief executive of Zukr, a social media company.

“Advertiser behavior is influenced by both what they’re seeing on their phones, and the content that they’re consuming, and what they are hearing from their friends,” Zukberg said.

The combination of social media and video is what made the iPhone great.

It allowed consumers to share and interact with one another, as well as share and watch other people’s content.

The smartphone was able to enable the sharing of content that people would normally be blocked from seeing, like news videos and photos.

But this was a very limited platform.

People could only post videos and photographs, and even then they had to share them through Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

It was only through the emergence of video-sharing services like YouTube that people were able to watch content without having to go to the site.

YouTube also helped expand the ability for people to post videos on Facebook, which allowed people to share content with friends and family and create a community that they could easily connect with.

YouTube was also able to help expand the reach of social content, especially in the areas of sports and pop culture.

This allowed people in the audience to get access to the full content of a sporting event, or a band’s tour, and allow them to share that content with their friends.

This was the beginning of a new world of video sharing.

Now that social media is available, people have more choices to watch the content they want, Zukler said.

But what about the stories that are not connected to a specific sport?

The ones that are connected to the social network but not the team or the player?

That is where video-on-demand comes in.

What is video-online advertising?

When you hear the word “video-on,” what does that mean?

It means a product or service that is available through video, such as a sports app or an online game.

Video-on is typically sold through websites that are similar to those that you can purchase with cash or a credit card.

These websites are also often called video-only sites.

While the difference between a video-based product and a video site can be small, the idea is that you’re not buying a product, but rather a service that allows you to watch a video of your favorite sports team or athlete, Zuki says.

“If you’re on Facebook and you’re watching a game and you don’t have access to video on the web, you can watch it online,” Zuki said.

“It’s the same as you’d watch a game on the couch.

You can watch video online, but it’s not the same thing.”

There are many different types of video that can be viewed online.

There are sports video, sports video-style video, games-style videos and even commercials.

Video can be saved on a device and downloaded onto your computer, mobile device or tablet.

When is an ad worth about $1M?

According to AdAge, an ad can be worth as much as $1,000,000 when it’s viewed for three hours or longer.

If the ad lasts three minutes or less, that number drops to $400,000.

So if you want to get paid for your ad, how do you know if it’s worth $10 million or more?

First, you need to see how many people watched it, or how many times they viewed it.

That can be found on a website called

To see how much money was spent on each ad, they look at how long people watched the ad, and how much time was spent watching it.

This is important because, according the Ad Age research, people watch ads longer when they’re on social media

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