How the US will be spending the year on the digital front

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Now Playing: A year of digital advertising for 2018-19The US is spending a record $5.7 billion on digital ads this year.

Here are the key takeaways from the most expensive ad campaign in history.1.

Americans spend $5 billion on mobile ads2.

Mobile ad spending is growing3.

The average ad spend is $1.3 million per household4.

Most Americans say they are spending $1 to $1,500 per month on digital ad spending.5.

There are now 1.8 million paid digital ad positions across all industries6.

Facebook is spending $20 billion on ads for its social network and video apps to get its platform noticed.7.

Twitter is spending more than $50 million to reach its users.8.

Facebook’s Facebook Live video and video ads are generating about $10 billion a year for Facebook.9.

Netflix is spending up to $200 million to promote its content across its video platform.10.

Amazon is spending as much as $600 million a year to promote products through its Prime Video service.11.

Google is spending about $30 million a month to promote search and its own products through YouTube and other online video platforms.12.

Microsoft is spending nearly $500 million a day to promote Xbox 360 games.13.

Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are spending as little as $1 million a week to promote their products and services through YouTube.14.

Apple is spending close to $2 billion a day on advertising to promote the Apple TV.15.

Netflix has spent as much about $400 million a quarter on advertising through its streaming video service.16.

Amazon Prime Video has been a big success for Amazon.17.

Hulu has spent more than half a billion dollars a year on advertising.18.

Amazon’s Prime Video video service is now more popular than YouTube, Amazon and Netflix combined.19.

Amazon has been spending $100 million a minute on its Prime Music streaming service, which is more than YouTube.20.

Hulu is spending hundreds of millions of dollars a month on advertising for its streaming service.21.

Hulu’s Prime Music service has more subscribers than any other streaming service in the world.22.

Hulu Now is also a hit.23.

Amazon bought YouTube in 2012.24.

Amazon launched Prime Video in 2014.25.

Amazon and Hulu are spending more on advertising than any company in the history of the internet.26.

Google has spent $1 billion on its YouTube video ads.27.

Amazon Video is the most popular streaming service with more than a billion video views a month.28.

Hulu and YouTube have each spent $2.5 billion in ads this past year.29.

Hulu spent $250 million a few months ago to promote Prime Video.30.

Hulu recently rolled out a $10-per-month Prime subscription service.31.

Amazon paid $10 million to advertise in the wake of a court ruling against Google’s Chromecast streaming device.32.

Hulu, YouTube and Amazon are spending at least $5 million a show.33.

Hulu spends $100,000 a month advertising on the Amazon Prime video platform and is spending even more on ads this fall.34.

Amazon spent $300 million a little more than two years ago to start an ad campaign with the phrase “Amazon, Amazon, Amazon” on its home page.35.

Hulu ads have been a major hit for Amazon in the past few years.36.

Amazon ad revenue is up nearly 20 percent this year to $4.8 billion.37.

Amazon will spend as much money as it can to reach millions of new subscribers this year and into next.38.

Amazon plans to spend $1-billion this year on video ads to reach more people.39.

Amazon started selling a TV ad on its TV site, but it plans to expand its ad strategy by launching a video service this fall, too.40.

Hulu launched its own TV ad program in 2017.41.

Hulu plans to run its own video ads on its video service and is launching a paid ad program this fall to expand the reach of its content.42. has paid $100-per to advertise on Amazon’s Amazon Prime program.43.

Amazon announced plans to build a television ad network and launch its own paid TV ad campaign.44.

Hulu will start launching paid ads next year.45.

Hulu purchased Time Warner last year.46.

Amazon recently bought AOL, which will now become a subsidiary of Amazon.47.

Hulu bought Vox Media in 2018.48.

Hulu said it would add about 1 million new ads a week in 2018 and 2019.49.

Hulu added an ad unit that will focus on selling the video ads that people watch.50.

Hulu made more than 20 million new paid ad slots in 2018 alone.51.

Hulu expects to spend up to a billion on advertising this year as part of its push to get people to pay for its service.52.

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