Why you should wear a ski mask when going for a walk

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Posted June 02, 2019 07:48:54You know the drill.

You walk to the store, buy some things, and go home.

You may not be wearing a mask but you’re probably not going to be walking in the dark, either.

If you’re at home, you may not even have the option to walk in the darkness of a store, and that’s okay.

You can walk anywhere, in any direction, but there are some things that will get you a little bit farther, like a nice nice, dark night to walk the dog.

But you need to be prepared for the dark.

When it comes to the dark walking in and around a store with the light of a candle, the best choice is probably to leave the mask on.

That way, you’re not going blind.

It doesn’t take much of a light source to draw you into the dark if you’re wearing a ski jacket, but you still need to have a flashlight.

And it’s best to walk by the store’s entrance.

Even if you leave the lights off, it’s better to get as close as possible to the door, as if you can see through it.

And if you do get caught, it doesn’t matter if it’s a ski guy or a pedestrian.

There are a couple of different ways to keep your face from getting caught by the light.

One of them is to wear a mask, a long, wide-brimmed hat with a wide brim.

This will cover the entire face, so if you have a mask on you don’t have to worry about being seen.

If you don, the light will still get through, and if you don’ t, you might get caught in a light fixture, which is why masks are recommended.

Another option is to use a scarf.

It’s made from a fabric that has a different color than the rest of the scarf.

If it’s dark blue or yellow, the lights can’t be as strong.

And the scarf is also much lighter than a mask.

If the light isn’t strong enough, it can get stuck on your face and make it look as if your face is covered in a mask or scarf.

The other way to protect yourself is to put a thick layer of cloth over your face.

You can use it to cover the rest, but I personally prefer to cover my face with a towel.

You just put a layer of cotton, and it absorbs some of the light, making your face look a little more natural.

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