How to Sell to People Who Think the Media Is a Fascist Hate Group

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I have been a lifelong liberal, but I am now convinced that the liberal media is the enemy of the American people.

If we want a healthy democracy, we must reject the right-wing media, including CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and MSNBC, and we must make sure the rest of the media is owned by the people.

We need a free press.

I am not an activist or a journalist.

I do not do political reporting.

I write articles about politics.

But I am an activist.

In my years as a liberal, I have never once been an activist who had any direct impact on the lives of other Americans.

When I write about politics, I write to the people who are the victims of the policies of the right.

The fact that the American media is so hostile to the American citizenry has been so evident to me.

I have witnessed firsthand how the left attacks our liberties.

And that is why I am proud to be a part of the Media Reform Coalition, a coalition of reporters, activists, and others who are working to bring the media in line with the people and to stand up to the corrupt, authoritarian, and totalitarian practices of the left.

The Media Reform coalition is making an important contribution to the fight against the right and is an essential part of a democratic process that must be led by the American public.

The left, in its attempt to silence the truth, has failed to hold power accountable.

It has failed at creating an environment in which citizens can exercise their First Amendment rights and have the government respect their rights to free speech and freedom of the press.

The media has failed in this effort.

It is now the responsibility of the citizenry to demand an end to the censorship, lies, and lies, lies that have poisoned our nation.

The people are sick and tired of this media.

They demand accountability and truth.

They need a government that is accountable, that acts with integrity and transparency.

They are demanding transparency.

The American people deserve to know what is happening inside the Beltway and why our elected leaders are hiding the truth from them.

I applaud the Media and Congress for passing the Truth in Media Act and applaud the press for reporting on the lies.

The bill is critical because it is a bipartisan effort.

I thank Senator [Ron] Wyden and Representative [Steve] Womack for the support of this bipartisan effort and urge my colleagues to join us in supporting the bill.

The truth must prevail.

The Truth in Reporting Act was introduced by Representatives Wyden, Womacks, Wyden’s Republican colleague [Devin] Nunes, and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and is a critical first step to hold the media accountable.

For more information, visit: The Media and Media Reform Caucus is the first group to take action on the Truth In Reporting Act.

The bipartisan effort will lead to better reporting on government censorship, media bias, and the threat of a massive national security state, and it will help the American taxpayer hold the federal government accountable.

This legislation, sponsored by Rep. Nunes, will require all federal agencies to publicly release information about the sources of news and information, including sources with links to news organizations.

The legislation also requires the Office of Government Ethics to conduct an audit of federal government agencies, and requires the White House to publicly disclose all records relating to the ethics of the President and Vice President.

The Administration and Congress have an opportunity to make history by passing the new legislation.

It’s time to bring transparency to government and hold the government accountable to the voters.

The Americans United for Change campaign will continue to fight for the Truth.

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