Which companies are raising their ad prices in the face of online competition?

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A new report by the Ad Council says that as a result of the surge in competition online, the average price of online ads is increasing, with some companies raising prices significantly.

The report comes as advertisers, retailers, and government agencies are grappling with a new wave of online abuse targeting consumers in the wake of President Donald Trump’s recent election win.

According to Ad Council data, nearly 50 percent of the $1.7 billion that advertisers spend on online ads in the first quarter of 2018 was spent on ads with negative, derogatory, or abusive content.

The study also found that consumers who are exposed to such content are more likely to turn to other sites or social media outlets to report the content.

The report found that ads in more than half of the 100 largest U.S. online news organizations saw their ad rates increase, from $5.40 to $7.20 per click, and the average amount of ad time increased from 30 seconds to nearly 45 seconds.

The average cost of a click for a story was $5 per user, which the study attributed to the “unparalleled volume” of stories published online.

In the past five years, the report said, the amount of content published on the Internet has exploded.

In the meantime, the Ad League, the industry’s leading advocacy group for online advertising, is urging online companies to make it easier for consumers to report harmful ads.

It is also encouraging advertisers to pay closer attention to the content of ads that they are receiving.

“Advertisers should understand that they will continue to see the same level of abuse, and that advertisers will continue have to deal with it,” the report reads.

“Advertiser brands are being forced to confront a much more aggressive online landscape.”

The report also said that some advertisers are using their social media accounts to flag abusive ads.

“Social media companies and online advertising platforms must act more quickly and appropriately to prevent this from occurring and to remove abusive advertising,” it reads.

Ad Council, however, said that it has not received any specific threats against the companies.

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