How to hide political ads on Facebook

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Politics on Facebook have been a constant battleground for the social network since its inception.

While advertisers can post ads in all kinds of areas from news to the arts, it’s the social media site’s ability to create a “grey market” for political advertisements that has caused many users to be concerned.

Advertisers use social media to advertise on behalf of political parties, candidates and other political groups, but they do so anonymously.

That means that political advertisements aren’t listed by Facebook as such, and many don’t even register as such on the platform.

The grey market, as it’s called, means that advertisers can pay for ad space to appear on Facebook without having to disclose who they are.

Advertisement Facebook has made a concerted effort to crack down on the grey market by introducing new advertising features, including the ability to “sticky” political ads, which will only show up if someone is logged in as the target of an ad.

But as the company has increasingly expanded its reach, the grey ad space has grown in size.

To keep track of the number of political ads posted on Facebook, we’ve created a tool that lets users know how many political ads have been posted by using the company’s Trending Topics feature.

Adverts from companies that have already registered as grey advertising sites are visible to users when they visit a Facebook page, which means that users can see which ads are being posted by those companies.

If a political ad is visible to you, we can tell you how many of them are from companies with grey ad listings on Facebook.

To see the grey ads on a particular Facebook page in full detail, click on the “show more” button.

To find out how many ads are currently appearing on Facebook from a particular company, click “show me the grey advertising”.

To see how many people have seen an ad from that company, use our Trending Topic tool.

To check whether an ad is currently appearing from a specific company, select that company from the list of companies.

You can then click on that company to see all the ads posted by that company since the end of June 2016.

You will see a list of all the companies that are currently listed as grey ads.

Advertise to your friends on Facebook to boost your political advertising Facebook is the biggest and most visible social network in the world, with more than 10bn users, and the number one advertiser.

Facebook has been using a wide variety of tools to reach out to its users.

Advertisements that are posted by Facebook users appear as a “sponsored post”, which means Facebook pays the company for a small percentage of the ad space.

For example, if you are logged in to Facebook as a UK user, a Facebook sponsored post will show up in your News Feed.

In some cases, advertisers are paid in cash, and Facebook will not reveal the amount of the money paid.

But the vast majority of ads posted to Facebook are free, which is why advertisers often spend a significant amount of money to create political advertisements.

Facebook allows users to opt out of the paid advertising model by clicking “Block ads from Facebook”.

But that option is not always available to all users.

There are also tools to opt-out of paid political ads from advertisers that are registered as “grey” advertising.

To opt out from grey advertising on Facebook you need to go to the “Privacy” section and select the “Show All” option from the “Other Settings” menu.

You’ll be able to see whether any advertisements posted by your friends have been flagged as being grey by clicking on the checkbox next to an ad that you do not want to see.

AdChoices AdChoice is a free service that helps you make the best decision about whether or not to use ad networks and services.

The service offers free advice on what to read and where to find information.

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