How to reduce your risk of stroke and stroke complications in people with diabetes

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By: Samir Jafari and Mariya Nadeem | Written by: [email protected] stroke is the most common cause of death in older adults.

There are several types, including ischemic stroke, which involves a blood clot in the brain, and stroke-induced dementia, which can be caused by a stroke.

The most common stroke in older people is ischemal stroke, causing the brain to swell and cause swelling of the brain tissue, and the most commonly seen complication is stroke-related dementia, also known as dementia of the cerebellum.

There is also a subtype of stroke called subtype 1 dementia, in which the brain is not fully developed and can cause symptoms such as blurred vision and cognitive decline.

To reduce your chances of getting a stroke, make sure you get regular checkups.

Your doctor will also be able to prescribe you medication to treat the symptoms of stroke.

Here are some common steps to take to reduce stroke risk in older adult:Get regular check upsYou should get regular checks at least every two to three years.

This can be a physical exam or blood test, such as a brain scan, which measures your blood pressure, oxygen levels, and glucose levels.

A blood test can also be done if you have heart disease or are on medications for it.

Your GP can also ask about the risk factors for stroke.

Regular blood tests for stroke risk are called magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans.

They are conducted by a specialised machine that uses a combination of MRI scans and computed tomography (CT).

These scans are more accurate than other methods of assessing stroke risk, but you may still need to see your GP to do this.MRI scans can be done at any age and they can give you a more accurate estimate of the risk for stroke than other types of tests.

They can also give you information about the extent of the disease.MRI scanning is more effective at detecting the progression of the illness than other ways of assessing risk.

If you are older than 80 years old, you can get a blood test that will tell you how old you are.

The older you are, the less accurate your scan will be, so the sooner you should get a scan.

Your doctors can help you with this if you can’t get a regular blood test.

If your stroke risk is increasing over time, you may need to take other measures.

Some older people with dementia are at increased risk of strokes, so you should talk to your GP about how to reduce this risk.

Find out if you’re at risk of a strokeThe best way to avoid a stroke is to:eat a diet that includes at least 1 serving of fruit, vegetables and whole grains every dayAvoid alcohol, tobacco, and certain other risk factorsAvoid using tobacco in your workplace and at homeAvoid using mobile phones or computers when at home or at workAvoid using other electronic devices, such and social media that can affect your cognitive functionAvoid alcohol and any other risk factor for strokeAvoid smokingAvoid using electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers that can cause you to become unsteady in your walking and sitting and may lead to problems such as dizziness and numbness in your handsIf you’re older than 75 years old and your risk for a stroke has increased, you should consult your GP.

If you are not in an advanced stage of dementia, your GP may be able help you decide whether you should continue taking your medications.

If your stroke is not in your favour, your symptoms may worsen.

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